Shares of iQ International AG have been admitted for trading



Dear Fellow iQ International AG Shareholders,


The Board of Directors of iQ International AG is pleased to announce that as of February 13, 2019, the Company's shares have been admitted for trading on the Open Market (Freiverkehr) segment on the Berlin Stock Exchange (ISIN CH0451424300/WKN A2PAA5). 

Early trade transactions on the Berlin exchange have been ranging between €1.50 to €1.63 per share, and we have confidence that the stock price will do well in the near future.

The admission for trading is a significant milestone as we continue to prepare the Company to be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange EU-regulated market segment in the coming months.

In addition, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the Company has completed an arrangement with a highly respected investment advisor to raise significant debt and equity funding from institutional sources. These funds will be used to carry out our business plan internationally. 

As always, we appreciate our shareholders and your continued support of the Company. We pledge to use our very best efforts to bring the Company the success that it deserves. We are confident in this.



George Weiss

Executive Chairman
iQ International AG