Electrolyte mixing doubles cycle numbers of flooded batteries. For the benefit of modern cars. And to the benefit of customers.




A homogeneous electrolyte is a prerequisite for a lasting and permanently powerful car battery. Harmful acid stratification and its resulting negative effects on the battery performance must be avoided.

Acid stratification is the main cause of high loss of battery capacity (Ah) and the premature wear of flooded batteries.

Passive electrolyte mixing, such as our effective 360°electrolyte circulation which uses passive mixing elements, ensures a constantly homogeneous electrolyte and optimal electrochemistry.

The result is a long lasting powerful car battery with at least double cycle numbers and double life. This applies for standard flooded batteries as well a for advanced EFBs.




Turn your products into high-performance premium batteries. For cars and commercial vehicles. And also for stop-start.

Use our pioneering technology for a clear competitive advantage and expand your portfolio with new premium products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Ideal for standard batteries and for EFB products (for example, as an EFB Plus battery for stop-start applications).



Main advantages of the 360°elektrolyte circulation:


  • Avoids harmful acid stratification
  • Doubles cycle numbers (standard / EFB)
  • High recharge capability
  • High stable capacity (Ah)
  • Significantly less sulphation
  • Significantly less wear
  • Doubles lifetime
  • Ideal for hot and cold climate zones
  • Ideal for tough taxi application
  • Optimal for stop-start applications (EFB)


The 360°electrolyte mixing uses the driving dynamics of the car.


The passive mixing elements utilize the accelerating forces from the driving dynamics of the automobile for its mixing function.




Electrolyte mixing takes place only while driving.


Forces from acceleration, braking or cornering generate a hydrostatic pressure difference in the electrolyte of the battery by the mixing elements. A channel balances the pressure difference and provides an efficient 360°electrolyte circulation.



Showing 360°electrolyte circulation featuring predecessor system IQP-1



VIDEO 1  —  Explaining principle of passive electrolyte mixing  (System IQP-1)




VIDEO 2  —  Mixing efficiency while driving compared to a conventional battery cell (left, non mixing).



The new system IQP-2 *

Effective   —   Universal   —   Quick applicable


• Effective
Passive mixing elements from iQ Power Licensing function independently of the installation of the battery in the vehicle (front / rear) and the direction of installation (longitudinal / transverse). One hour's drive is sufficient to completely circulate the volume of the electrolyte. The new system IQP-2 works without restriction even in case of varying water consumption in a battery.

• Universal
The mixing elements are universally applicable. The components of the IQP-2 system fit into all standardized battery boxes (e.g., DIN, JIS, US standards). Installation is quick and easy. The assembly in the line can be done manually or automatically (by robotics).

• Quick applicable
The mixing elements are suitable for all flooded  batteries (standard and EFB). Due to the design of the mixing elements, the battery production can be run on the same assembly line alternatively with or without electrolyte mixing. This allows a rapid differentiation of the product range by a premium product with double cycle stability and service life.

*)  The new system IQP-2 is a patented development of the previous IQP-1 solution

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Showing 360°electrolyte circulation featuring system IQP-2

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