iQ Power Licensing announces new business area of consulting services

  • iQ Power Licensing offers to organize and manage the building of environmentally-friendly battery factories with leading edge technologies
  • Focus on consulting, sourcing and project coordination of most competitive production methods and equipment
  • Marketing of iQ Power`s innovative mixing technology is part of the extended portfolio

Zug, Switzerland, 11 July 2017 - 11 a.m.  – iQ Power Licensing AG (ISIN: CH0268536338; WKN/Security Number: A14M1C; Symbol: IQL), a developer and marketer of technologies for environmentally friendly and technologically innovative starter batteries for motor vehicles and licenses in these technologies and winner of the GreenTec Awards 2017 announces a new business area.

Using the experience of staff and cooperating battery and facility experts and the knowledge in environmentally-friendly technologies, iQ Power Licensing AG will be offering to consult the start-up and modernization of battery factories in developing countries by offering consulting, sourcing and project coordination. The factories will have the innovative iQ Power technology integrated from the beginning of operations, which will provide better efficiency in the production.

iQ Power Licensing AG will not only offer consultation for complete turn-key factories, but will also consult on individual processes and new methods in lead battery recycling, if necessary. iQ Power Licensing AG will not involve itself in the building or manufacture of equipment, but rather sees itself as an integrator of latest technologies for innovative equipment and of latest and innovative technology companies.

“The factory and production equipment that we source from our carefully selected suppliers is the most competitive and advanced production equipment of its kind in the world for the manufacture of next generation automotive batteries”, says Bob Sullivan, CEO of iQ Power Licensing.

For example, by using new innovations, the new battery factories can reduce the time of production by half or save substantially on energy, thereby reducing working capital needs. Using iQ Power’s innovative electrolyte mixing technology of simple plastic passive mixing elements, the cycle stability and life-time of flooded vehicle batteries can easily be doubled, thereby reducing not only cost of ownership but also saving resources.

The factory and production equipment will be independently selected from suppliers to assure the most competitive production equipment of its kind for the manufacture of next generation automotive starter batteries for vehicles.

Bob Sullivan, CEO of the company, stated: “Our main effort will remain concentrated on the iQ Power mixing technology and other innovative technologies. However, this long-term new initiative can, over time, add not only to the bottom line of the company, but also to the recognition of iQ Power Licensing in the battery industry.”


About the iQ Power Technology
Batteries with iQ Power technology are designed to generate better performance in Start-Stop applications and to meet the growing demands of electronic usage in vehicles today. It is the first significant innovation to the flooded starter battery in decades. Automatic mixing of electrolyte inside the battery by passive mixing elements ensures uniform acid density for higher sustained performance throughout the entire life of the battery, thus avoiding early loss of capacity (Ah) as usual with ordinary batteries. This prolongs plate life by eliminating acid stratification and thermal gradients, delivering greater material utilization for a lower cost per cycle over conventional batteries. The patented technology was awarded the coveted Automechanika innovation award 1st prize in 2010 and und became a first prize winner of the GreenTec Awards in 2017. – More under: