Exchange & reverse split of the shares scheduled for 13 February 2019



Dear shareholders of iQ International AG,

Your Board of Directors is pleased to announce that, pursuant to the merger agreement following the last AGM on 20 December 2018,  the exchange and reverse split of the old shares of iQ Power Licensing AG against the new shares of iQ International AG is planned for the coming week.

According to information from Clearstream Banking AG to the shareholder depository banks, the exchange and the reverse split (at a ratio of 26: 1) are scheduled for 13 February 2019. As a result, shareholders will receive one iQ International AG share in their depository accounts for 26 iQ Power Licensing AG shares starting next week. Shares Fragments due to the reverse split will be rounded up to one full iQ International AG share.

Subsequently, the shares of iQ International AG will be tradable on the Berlin Stock Exchange under ISIN CH0451424300.


Kind regards

George M. Weiss
Executive Chairman