Less CO2 emissions.
Our technology conserves environment and resources.


Effective electrolyte mixing results in permanently optimal electrochemistry in flooded batteries.

The advantage: Double cycle numbers and double life compared to batteries of the same type without electrolyte mixing as well as significantly more efficiency of the raw materials and the materials used.

A longer service life means less CO2 emissions and less recycled raw materials such as lead and plastic.

In addition, there are advantages in CO2 savings due to applications with

fuel saving start-stop engines in modern automobiles.

Large potential for
CO2 savings

Some 15 million tons of CO2 emissions per year could be saved if effective electrolyte mixing was the universal standard for all motor vehicle batteries in use throughout the world. Expressed in terms of fuel, this amount would correspond to about 25 supertankers of gasoline each year.

At the same time, around 2 million tonnes of lead are less in circulation worldwide.



We are WINNER of the prestigious GreenTec
Awards 2017


For the contribution of our innovation to sustainability and environmental protection, we have been awarded with gold as WINNER in the category 'Mobility' for the GreenTec Awards 2017, Europe's most important environmental award for innovation.


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