Company profile of iQ Power Licensing AG


iQ Power Licensing AG was founded on 07.10.2004 as a 100% subsidiary of iQ Power AG. Since February 2015, the iQ Power Licensing AG has become the legal successor of the former iQ Power AG by a Reverse Merger with the mother company iQ Power AG.


Trading data

Shares Issued 686'359'876  (as per November 08, 2018)
Nominal Value CHF  0,01 
Share Capital CHF  6'863'598.76
Freefloat ca. 53,6%
Market Segment OTC, Berlin
Market Maker Renell Bank AG
Major Shareholders (3% or more)

KG Power
Discover Energy Group
Family Latzel
Kevin Loman
Engenavis shareholders


Further information

Date of incorporation

Accounting Standards

End of Fiscal Year

October 07, 2004, City of Zug / Switzerland

IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards

31 December

Company Description iQ Power Licensing AG is a developer and marketer of technologies and its licenses for environmentally friendly and technologically leading starter batteries for motor vehicles.

Products of the company are technologies, patents and licenses as well as components and assemblies for the production of a new generation of starter batteries for the license partners.

Heart of this technology are features for a highly effective and efficient automatic electrolyte mixing with passive mixing elements.


Charles Robert Sullivan,
CEO of iQ Power Licensing AG

Board of Directors

George Weiss   (Chairman)

Scott Anchin

Won-Lak Choi

Jim LoPresti

Bob Sullivan