Basic information on the stock


Share Code IQL
German WKN Code A14M1C
ISIN CH0268536338



Issue Type Registered shares
Nominal value per ordinary share 0,01 Swiss Francs (CHF)
Number of shares 686'359'876
Share Capital as per 08.11.2018 6'863'598.76  (CHF)
Market Segment OTC, Berlin
Reverse Merger of iQ Power AG with iQ Power Licensing AG 27 January 2015
Corporate Domicile Zug, Canton Zug / Switzerland


The securities of iQ Power Licensing AG are issued as registered shares. The shares have been traded on the Berlin Stock Exchange since February 16, 2015.



The iQ Power Licensing AG was founded on 07.10.2004 (commercial register) as a 100% subsidiary of iQ Power AG. Since February 2015, the iQ Power Licensing AG has become the legal successor of the former iQ Power AG by a Reverse Merger with the mother company iQ Power AG. The decision for the merger fell at the Extraordinary General Meeting of iQ Power AG on 27 January 2015.

The ordinary shares (ISIN: CH0020609688 / WKN: A0DQVL / Symbol: IQPB) and the prefered shares (ISIN: CH0199540599 / WKN: A1J7TW / Symbol IQPA) of iQ Power AG were delisted and replaced by new ordinary shares of iQ Power Licensing AG.

Simultaneouly the number of shares issued were reduced by a reverse split in the ratio 4:1. Shares of iQ Power Licensing AG are traded on the Berlin Stock Exchange since 16 February 2015.