Acid Stratification
NUMBER ONE cause of battery failure.
The answer is Electrolyte Mixing.

Electrolyte Mixing
Technology for the next generation of
automobile batteries.

The Technology
Efficient – Universal – Quick applicable.
Doubles cycle numbers and life time.

GreenTec Awards 2017
We are WINNER of the
European environmental prize.

The Innovation
Made in Germany.
For the modern automobile.

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The next generation of
starter batteries.


We are the technology leader for starter batteries with electrolyte mixing. An innovative technology that stops the # 1 cause of battery failure: Acid Stratification.

We license our technology to companies worldwide, for the next generation of car batteries.

For higher cycle stability, longer service life and more product efficiency. Also ideal for stop-start applications.


An innovation  »Made in Germany« 


Stop Acid Stratification - the # 1 cause of battery failure. Double the cycle stability instead. For standard and EFB batteries.




Innovative technology from iQ Power Licensing prevents destructive acid stratification in any flooded starter battery and ensures a permanently homogeneous electrolyte. Through effective and efficient electrolyte mixing.

No more loss of capacity (Ah) due to acid stratification, as usual with flooded batteries.

The patented anti-stratification technology comes without moving parts (passive mixing elements). It uses the forces of the car's driving dynamics for an automatic 360°electrolyte circulation.


The advantages

Key benefits of this award-winning innovation (Automechanika Innovation Award 2010) for batteries:

  • Double cycle stability (also with EFB)
  • Longer product life
  • Continuous high performance

A state-of-the-art technique. Ideal for modern cars. And for stop-start.





For cars and commercial vehicles.


The advantages of our 360°electrolyte circulation can be used for all sizes of batteries: for cars and commercial vehicles. And for all batteries according to international standards such as DIN, JIS and US standard.


Technology licenses for the world's markets.


iQ Power Licensing is pioneer in Anti-Stratification Electrolyte Mixing for flooded automotive batteries. Patent protection in all major markets around the world secures our pioneering technology, which we license to companies worldwide.





We are WINNER of the
GreenTec Awards 2017
in the category Mobility.


Our innovation is sustainable. And it significantly reduces CO2 emissions. This is why we were awarded WINNER of the GreenTec Awards 2017 (category Mobility by Schaeffler), one of the most distinctive awards for innovations in the field of sustainability and environmental protection.