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Corporate News


22.12.2004 Korean Partner Awards iQ Power Contract for Consulting Services
10.12.2004 iQ Power Expands to Asia – Korean Partner to Make $1.1 Million Payment to iQ
15.11.2004 iQ Power Completes Move to Switzerland
iQ Power shares: New trading symbol, new ISIN and new CUSIP... | more
10.11.2004 iQ Swiss Continuance on track
Dr. Raymond Wicki appointed as new Director... | more
07.10.2004 iQ Power Secures Financing of $883,000
16.09.2004 ESG and iQ Power Sign Partnership Deal
Plans call for cooperation on systems solutions for energy management in automobiles.... | more
14.07.2004 14 Jul 2004 iQ Power Names Dr. Herbert Weininger as CFO – Executive Board Scaled Down
11.05.2004 iQ Power and Dutch TNO Automotive Looking at Cooperation on Secure Energy Supply in Automobiles
29.03.2004 iQ Power Makes First Delivery of the SEM Smart Energy Manager to Vehicle Manufacturer
11.03.2004 Gigatronik and iQ Power Sign Agreement on Joint Development and Marketing of Automobile Energy Management Systems
23.02.2004 iQ Power Selected by DaimlerChrysler as Development Partner in New European X-by-Wire Project
28.01.2004 iQ Power Completes $1.4 Million Financing
18.11.2003 iQ Power Awarded Purchase Order By Premium Car Manufacturer.
17.07.2003 DaimlerChrysler shows first results of PEIT project.
04.07.2003 iQ Power appoints new director - financing closed.
31.03.2003 iQ Power and German Battery Manufacturer sign Cooperation Agreement.
27.02.2003 iQ Power Planning to Build Production Site in Hof.
25.02.2003 iQ Power Delivers Production Batteries For Customer Testing.
18.02.2003 iQ Power takes judgement in trademark opposition.
14.02.2003 iQ Power Approves New Financing.
03.02.2003 iQ Power Acquisition of Gel Electric on Track.
18.12.2002 EAW Spain and iQ Power sign agreement to market MagiQâ„¢ car batteries in Spain.
13.12.2002 iQ Power Completes Working Capital Financing.
29.11.2002 iQ Power Increases Financing.
12.11.2002 iQ Power Amends Financing.
01.10.2002 iQ Power Approves Equity Financing.
04.09.2002 iQ Power To Aquire US-based Battery Manufacturer.
09.07.2002 iQ Power on Production Course.
12.06.2002 iQ Power Completes Working Capital Financing.
12.03.2002 iQ Power achieves ISO/VDA certification as automotive industry manufacturer.
29.01.2002 iQ Power to supply its Smart Energy Management (SEM) technology to German "LEILA" intelligent feightcar railway project .
24.01.2002 iQ Power Finalizes "MAGiQ 100" Production and Market Launch Schedules.
22.01.2002 iQ Power Completes Working Capital Financing.
26.11.2001 iQ Power Experiencing Continued Success.
04.10.2001 iQ Power selected for key role in DaimlerChrysler managed X-by-Wire Consortium.
02.10.2001 IQ Power Completes Additional US$750,000 in Financings.
13.09.2001 During IAA Motorshow, Frankfurt: iQ Power presents the world´s first intelligent car battery.
11.07.2001 iQ Power Announces Further Financing
09.05.2001 iQ Power anounces financing
25.01.2001 iQ Power manages Automobile Industry Alliance
17.10.2000 MIT: iQ Power has the Holy Grale, others look for.
16.10.2000 CONVERGENCE 2000 on Vehicle's Electric/Electronic Architecture, Detroit, Cobo Center
23.09.2000 IAA International Motor Show, Frankfurt: The DaimlerChrysler Powertrain division shows iQ`s technology as part of its new X-by-wire concept.
29.08.2000 iQ Power signs first agreement with battery manufacturer.
28.07.2000 iQ Power´s shares now trading in Frankfurt and Berlin.
11.07.2000 TI delivers first chips for iQ´s intelligent battery.
29.06.2000 Shares of iQ POWER now trading on Berlin Stock Exchange.
15.06.2000 iQ Power participates in Discovery Expo Investment Show / New York City
23.05.2000 iQ Power hosts international MIT Automotive Symposium in Vancouver.
10.04.2000 iQ-Power completes its first phase of restructuring.
31.03.2000 Shareholders agree to restructuring measures.
01.03.2000 iQ-Power applies for a listing on the US Stock Exchange (AMEX).
27.01.2000 MIT symposium: iQ-Power presents a paper in Spartanburg.